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UGC NET June 2024 New Syllabus & Exam Pattern for Paper 1, 2 | Download Subject Wise UGC NET Syllabus PDF

The UGC NET June 2024 exam, managed by the NTA, is very important for those who are applying for Junior Research Fellowships and Assistant Professor positions in Indian universities. The June 2024 session introduces updates to the syllabus and exam format to ensure fairness. The syllabus covers various subjects, including teaching/research aptitude, domain-specific knowledge, reasoning, comprehension, and general awareness.

The exam consists of two papers: Paper I and Paper II, both featuring multiple-choice questions. Candidates have three hours to complete both papers, with no penalty for wrong answers. Success in this exam opens doors to research, teaching, and Ph.D. programs in Indian universities, marking a significant milestone for aspirants in the academic field.

UGC NET June 2024 New Syllabus Exam Pattern for Paper 1 2 Download Subject Wise UGC NET Syllabus PDF
UGC NET June 2024 New Syllabus Exam Pattern for Paper 1 2 Download Subject Wise UGC NET Syllabus PDF

UGC NET June 2024 Syllabus & Exam Pattern

The UGC – NET June 2024 exam will be done with OMR sheets and follow the given timetable. To maximize their chances of success, students must align their preparation with the revised UGC NET Syllabus 2024 relevant to their chosen subjects. Understanding the intricacies of the syllabus is crucial for all aspirants aiming to excel in the exam. Mark your calendars: the UGC NET 2024 exam for the June cycle is scheduled for June 16, 2024.

The UGC NET syllabus covers many different subjects, like humanities, sciences, social sciences, and commerce. No matter what your specialty is, there’s a syllabus designed just for you. Let’s break down the UGC NET 2024 syllabus into two main parts:

UGC NET June 2024 Syllabus Overview

General Paper (Paper-I)

This paper aims to assess the candidates’ teaching and research aptitude, comprehension, reasoning ability, and divergent thinking. It includes topics such as teaching aptitude, research aptitude, comprehension, communication, mathematical reasoning and aptitude, logical reasoning, data interpretation, information and communication technology (ICT), people, and environment.

Subject-specific Paper (Paper-II)

In this paper, candidates are required to answer questions based on their chosen subject. The syllabus for Paper II varies according to the subject selected by the candidate. It covers a comprehensive range of topics relevant to the chosen subject, ensuring a thorough assessment of the candidate’s knowledge and expertise.

Decoding the UGC NET June 2024 Exam Pattern

Understanding the exam pattern is essential for devising a strategic preparation strategy. Here’s a brief overview of the UGC NET 2024 exam pattern:

  • Mode of Examination: The UGC NET 2024 is conducted in online mode (Computer Based Test).
  • Duration: The exam comprises two papers conducted in separate sessions. Paper-I is for 1 hour (100 marks), while Paper-II is for 2 hours (200 marks).
  • Type of Questions: Both Paper-I and Paper-II consist of objective-type multiple-choice questions (MCQs).
  • Marking Scheme: Each correct answer carries 2 marks in Paper-I and Paper-II. There is no negative marking for incorrect answers.

UGC NET Paper 1 Marking Scheme:

Part Sections (Multiple Choice Questions) Questions Marks
I Teaching Aptitude 5 10
II Research Aptitude 5 10
III Reading Comprehension 5 10
IV Communication 5 10
V Reasoning (including Maths) 5 10
VI Logical Reasoning 5 10
VII Data Interpretation 5 10
VIII Information & Communication Technology (ICT) 5 10
VIII People & Environment 5 10
IX Higher Education System: Governance, Polity & Administration 5 10
Total 50 100

Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I) Syllabus

Paper-I Overview:

The primary goal of Paper I is to evaluate candidates’ teaching and research abilities, including comprehension, analysis, reasoning, and awareness of educational practices. It assesses cognitive skills, comprehension, and familiarity with teaching and research methodologies. Here’s a condensed breakdown:

Unit-I: Teaching Aptitude

  • Covers teaching concepts, learner characteristics, teaching methods, evaluation systems, and teaching support systems.

Unit-II: Research Aptitude

  • Encompasses research types, methods, thesis and article writing, application of ICT in research, and research ethics.

Unit-III: Comprehension

  • Involves answering questions based on a given passage.

Unit-IV: Communication

  • Examines communication types, effective communication, barriers, and mass media’s societal impact.

Unit-V: Mathematical Reasoning and Aptitude

  • Focuses on different types of reasoning and mathematical aptitude.

Unit-VI: Logical Reasoning

  • Assesses understanding of arguments, deductive and inductive reasoning, analogies, and Venn diagrams.

Unit-VII: Data Interpretation

  • Covers data sources, classification, graphical representation, interpretation, and its relation to governance.

Unit-VIII: Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Addresses ICT basics, internet, digital initiatives in education, and ICT’s role in governance.

Unit-IX: People, Development, and Environment

  • Explores development and environment, human-environment interaction, environmental issues, resources, hazards, and international agreements.

Unit-X: Higher Education System

  • Discusses the evolution of higher education in India, learning programs, professional education, value, and environmental education, and governance policies.

Note: Each module comprises five questions worth 2 marks each. Additionally, graphical questions for sighted candidates are accompanied by equivalent passages for visually impaired candidates.

UGC NET June 2024 Preparation Plan

Now that you have gained insights into the UGC NET 2024 syllabus and exam pattern, it’s time to kickstart your preparation journey. Here are some recommended resources to aid you in your quest for success:

  • Official UGC NET Website: Visit the official website of UGC NET for access to the latest updates, notifications, and exam-related information.
  • UGC NET Previous Year Question Papers: Solve the previous year’s question papers to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and gain confidence in tackling different question types.
  • UGC NET Study Materials: Refer to standard textbooks, reference books, and study materials recommended by experts to cover the syllabus comprehensively.
  • Online Mock Tests: Take advantage of online mock tests and practice quizzes to assess your preparation level and identify areas that require improvement.

Download UGC NET Paper 2 Syllabus PDF for All Subjects

The National Testing Agency (NTA) provides the UGC NET Syllabus for Paper 2, which is based on the subjects chosen by candidates during the application process. Paper 2 consists of 100 objective-type questions (MCQs), totaling 200 marks. With a wide array of 101 subjects, NTA UGC NET caters to diverse academic interests. Candidates can access the UGC NET Paper 2 Syllabus PDF for their chosen subject through the links provided below:

Navigate through the table below to find and download the NET Syllabus for both Paper 1 & 2 PDF, now available on the official website. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to prepare effectively with the Subject Wise UGC NET Syllabus 2024 PDF…

Subject Code Subject English Hindi
00 General Paper on Teaching & Research Aptitude (Paper -I) Download Download
01 Economics / Rural Economics /Co-operation / Demography / Development Planning/ Development Studies / Econometrics/ Applied Economics/Development Eco./Business Economics Download Download
02 Political Science Download Download
03 Philosophy Download Download
04 Psychology Download Download
05 Sociology Download Download
06 History Download Download
07 Anthropology Download Download
08 Commerce Download Download
09 Education Download Download
10 Social Work Download Download
11 Defence and Strategic Studies Download Download
12 Home Science Download Download
14 Public Administration Download Download
15 Population Studies Download Download
16 Music Download Download
17 Management (including Business Admin. Mgt./Marketing/ Marketing Mgt./Industrial Relations and Personnel Mgt./ Personnel Mgt./Financial Mgt./Co-operative Management) Download Download
18 Maithili Download Download
19 Bengali Download Download
20 Hindi Download Download
21 Kannada Download Download
22 Malayalam Download Download
23 Oriya Download Download
24 Punjabi Download Download
25 Sanskrit Download Download
26 Tamil Download Download
27 Telugu Download Download
28 Urdu Download Download
29 Arabic Download Download
30 English Download Download
31 Linguistics Download Download
32 Chinese Download Download
33 Dogri Download Download
34 Nepali Download Download
35 Manipuri Download Download
36 Assamese Download Download
37 Gujarati Download Download
38 Marathi Download Download
39 French (French Version) Download Download
40 Spanish Download Download
41 Russian Download Download
42 Persian Download Download
43 Rajasthani Download Download
44 German Download Download
45 Japanese Download Download
46 Adult Education/ Continuing Education/ Andragogy/Non-Formal Education. Download Download
47 Physical Education Download Download
49 Arab Culture and Islamic Studies Download Download
50 Indian Culture Download Download
55 Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/Human Resource Management Download Download
58 Law Download Download
59 Library and Information Science Download Download
60 Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian, and Peace Studies Download Download
62 Comparative Study of Religions Download Download
63 Mass Communication and Journalism Download Download
65 Performing Art – Dance/Drama/Theatre Download Download
66 Museology & Conservation Download Download
67 Archaeology Download Download
68 Criminology Download Download
70 Tribal and Regional Language/Literature Download Download
71 Folk Literature Download Download
72 Comparative Literature Download Download
73 Sanskrit traditional subjects (including) Jyotisha/Sidhanta Jyotish/ Navya Vyakarna/ Vyakarna/ Mimansa/ Navya Nyaya/ Sankhya Yoga/ Tulanatmaka Darsan/ Shukla Yajurveda/ Madhav Vedant/ Dharmasasta/ Sahitya/ Puranotihasa /Agama). Download Download
74 Women Studies Download Download
79 Visual Art (including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art) Download Download
80 Geography Download Download
81 Social Medicine & Community Health Download Download
82 Forensic Science Download Download
83 Pali Download Download
84 Kashmiri Download Download
85 Konkani Download Download
87 Computer Science and Applications Download Download
88 Electronic Science Download Download
89 Environmental Sciences Download Download
90 Politics including International Relations/International Studies including Defence/Strategic Studies, West Asian Studies, South East Asian Studies, African Studies, South Asian Studies, Soviet Studies, and American Studies. Download Download
91 Prakrit Download Download
92 Human Rights and Duties Download Download
93 Tourism Administration and Management. Download Download
94 Bodo Download Download
95 Santali Download Download
100 Yoga Download Download
101 Sindhi Download Download
102 Hindu Studies Download Download
103 Indian Knowledge System Download Download

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